It’s not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.

— Epictetus, ancient Greek philosopher

Our website is the professional resource of choice for the Healthcare Financial Management Association of Florida.  We hope you find the various links on our website to be of benefit in support of your membership to HFMA.  Our National Chair’s theme this year,

“Where Passion Meets Purpose,” offers a call to action for HFMA members and other healthcare leaders to reach, learn, participate, and engage in the authentic stewardship of lives, relationships, and resources."

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HFMA Florida Chapter Celebrating over 62 years (1955 - 2017)  

HFMA Florida Chapter Celebrating over 62 years (1955 - 2017)

Please visit our website often, browse our links, read our newsletters, and stay informed of our education offerings.  Finding succinct information related to your specific practice area can be challenging.  We invite you to contact any of our volunteers with questions, comments, or ideas.