The 2017-2018 Certification Scholarship Program
 The HFMA Florida Chapter is pleased to announce:

Certification Corner

 The Florida Chapter has a scholarship program that will reimburse $600 to any Florida member (provider or vendor) who takes and passes both sections of the CHFP certification exam.

What is the cost?

The total cost is $700. For members the first Module is $400 and the second Module is $300.

How is the new CHFP program different from the previous CHFP program?

The new CHFP program has evolved to include a new, contemporary approach to certification that educates healthcare leaders to thrive in the new healthcare environment. The program has evolved from a “validation of experience and expertise” to a learning environment that addresses the dynamic shift in healthcare delivery and payment. The newly updated CHFP incorporates HFMA’s strategic vision on the issues relevant to our dynamic environment in healthcare finance.

New CHFP program features:

·        A learning program designed to build comprehensive industry understanding and sharpen business skills.

·        Two-module structure:

1.      HFMA’s Business of Health Care -

Healthcare finance overview, risk mitigation, evolving payment models, healthcare accounting and cost analysis, strategic finance, and managing financial resources. CHFP candidates are presented with a 75 multiple –choice question examination at the end of the module. Successful completion of the examination is the first step in becoming a CHFP.

2.      HFMA’s Operational Excellence exam -

Healthcare Industry Stakeholder’s Business Challenges - exercises and case studies on the application of business acumen in health care. This module is structured as a three (3) hour assessment. Eight (8) case studies, each with seven (7) multiple choice questions are presented to the candidates. This module assesses awareness of and application of business concepts presented in HFMA’s Business of Health Care. Module II is the second and final step in earning the CHFP designation.

The CHFP designation is earned by successful completion of both modules and HFMA Membership.

What is the pass rate for the New CHFP?

The overall pass rate for the CHFP (old and new exam) is 70% - this aligns with NASBA guidelines for testing modules. We are currently at a 93% pass rate for the new program - a strong pass rate for a learning-based program, and a testament to the change in format to a learning based module. As with any new certification program, we are monitoring the pass rate and utilize psychometric expertise to manage the pass rates with updated questions and case studies as needed.

Are there non-finance folks, early careerists, etc…that have taken it and passed?

While it is early in the process, we have had strong interest in the Business of Healthcare and the Operational Excellence exam. As the new program stresses learning over experience, it provides a great opportunity to help participants gain new knowledge as well as solidify understanding of healthcare financial operations that they may only have slight exposure to. Because of this education aspect, we expect interest in the program to grow over the next few years as the positive learning experience of the newly minted CHFPs is shared throughout the organization.

What is the value of HFMA certification?

The CHFP certification provides the business competencies essential for healthcare leaders. This certification (addressing provider, payer and physician business issues) offers a comprehensive, integrated explanation of the contemporary healthcare business reality. Additionally, HFMA Compensation Survey information shows that Certified Members are more highly compensated than non-Certified members.

 How do I get started?

 Contact Jeff Zade  to get the scholarship agreement. Sign an agreement to study and take the exam before 4/15/18.  Sooner is better!

·         Purchase Module I and complete the end of course test. You have up to a year to do this.

·         Purchase Module II (you can only purchase if you pass Module I)

·         Pass Module II which is the actual exam.

·         Notify the Certification Chair:  of your passing.

·         Submit a check request for reimbursement ($600) along with backup supporting documents

·         Celebrate! Then apply for fellowship….you may qualify after the CHFP.

Thank you for all you do to support the industry and HFMA.

Jeff Zade, FL HFMA, Certification Chair