The Florida Chapter of the Healthcare Financial Management Association is a professional membership organization for individuals in financial management of healthcare institutions and related patient organizations.

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Our Chapter leaders are here to serve members. If you have any suggestions to improve our services; or would like to participate on a committee; or have an idea for educational programming or social events please feel free to contact any of our the Chapter officers, board members or committee chairpersons.

Our Chapter offers many services to our members, as well as many ways to volunteer your services and become involved in the Chapter.

Get involved in your professional association: contact an officer or director today and become an HFMA volunteer!

  Lisa Mathews (2016-2017 President); Mike Bickers (2017-2018 President); Chris Durkin (2015-2016 President)

Lisa Mathews (2016-2017 President); Mike Bickers (2017-2018 President); Chris Durkin (2015-2016 President)


  Mike Bickers, President             2017-2018

Mike Bickers, President             2017-2018

Each year we try to improve upon the last and it naturally gets harder and harder.  In my year as President, I follow many hard working dedicated volunteer leaders and the bar is set very high.  My primary goal this year is to increase the size of our Family (our membership) in a very big way.  This will require a well-planned strategy, a dedicated team, and of course, we will need to continue providing significant benefits for our members.

I often think about how HFMA has affected my life, in such a positive way.  Thanks to HFMA, I now have hundreds of people that I call my friends, in fact my Family.  My HFMA friends and I volunteer together, plan meetings together, collaborate, solve problems together, enjoy drinks at the bar together, take cruises/trips together (there’s usually a bar), and often do business together.  I want to help others experience the same benefits, the same feelings that I have.

If you are not already a member, please join, right now.  If you are a member, please get actively involved.  You will never realize all of the benefits of being an HFMA member if you do not get involved.  You can always go back to the sideline.  You won’t regret it.

Lisa Mathews, the 2016-2017 Chapter President said it well: we are “Better Together”.  What are you waiting for?

Come Join The Family!

Mike Bickers
Chief Operating Officer
Health Business Solutions, LLC
(561) 406-6613