President's Message

Good to Great!

As the 2016-2017 Chapter Year is coming to a close I am reflecting back on all of the wonderful accomplishments of our Chapter. I am truly proud to be a member of the greatest Chapter in the Country. The volunteer spirit of our Chapter has never been greater! I always say we “pay” to be a member of HFMA but we “choose” to be a volunteer and devote time and energy to making a difference. I could literally list dozens of people who have done just that this year. To me, it is a testament of how our Chapter has always valued the ideas and contributions of everyone and recognizes that we are truly “better together!”

I just recently returned from this year’s National Leadership Training Conference in Phoenix. It was so rewarding to be among hundreds of HFMA leaders from across the Country. I was especially proud to see several of our own Florida Chapter Leaders participate in the sessions and share best practices from our Chapter with other leaders. These best practices wouldn’t be possible without the efforts and contributions of the many volunteers our Chapter is blessed to have. Other Chapters learned how we have increased participation at our events, innovated our administrative platforms, rolled out a conference app, launched the Provider “10 pack” program, implemented a Member and Business Partner Understanding program, and advanced the National Vision for attracting more physicians, health plans, and Early Careerists to our HFMA Florida family. It is wonderful to know that some of our best practices have inspired others.

What is even more exciting is that I know there is still more innovation to come and our Chapter exemplifies the “Good to Great” philosophy of always striving to be better. I can’t wait to see what best practices will continue in the months ahead.

Again, I want to thank every member for their contribution to our Chapter and their commitment to continuously learning! I hope you to see many of you in person at our Spring Conference and Annual Meeting in May!



Director of Education Florida and Puerto Rico Joint Education Event

The Florida and Puerto Rico HFMA Chapters held their first-ever, joint educational event in beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico on February 16 – 17th, 2017. The chapters received a great turn-out and ended the conference with 106 registered attendees.

    Jesús Manuel Corazon (PR) and Lisa Matthews (FL) Chapter Presidents

Jesús Manuel Corazon (PR) and Lisa Matthews (FL) Chapter Presidents

Through a series of several calls and emails, the event was organized utilizing the Florida Chapter’s structure. The education committee consisted of 2 key people from each chapter along with the assistance of Demarse Meeting & Event coordinators.  Our language/ terminology differences created an interesting twist, but by the end of the conference communication was second nature.

    Sally (PR) Cheryl (FL) Chapter Education & Lisa (FL) Jesús (PR) Chapter Presidents

Sally (PR) Cheryl (FL) Chapter Education & Lisa (FL) Jesús (PR) Chapter Presidents

Over the day and a half of education, participants learned a great deal about Puerto Rico as well as the challenges the Puerto Rico Chapter faces are very similar to Florida’s. Sessions on Cyber Security, MACRA, Revenue Cycle of the Future and Bundled Payments were delivered to name a few. Florida’s best practice “Vignettes” were introduced.  Jeff Zade of the Florida Chapter spoke and led a joint certification session---Thanks Jeff!!

The Puerto Rico chapter provided a wonderful surprise during the opening reception with a local band performance. Sharing their traditional music and festivities made the welcome reception a perfect experience.

PR FL Session.jpg

This fun and educational event allowed both chapters the opportunity to learn from different perspectives and enjoy Puerto Rico’s amazing culture. If you were lucky enough to stay the weekend, a bus tour was organized by Jose Guevarez, which provided a full-day, scenic tour of the island.

Many thanks to our Florida & Puerto Rico Corporate Sponsors and Speakers for making this first time event a huge success.  


Author ~ Cheryl Spanier, 2016 – 2018 Director of Education, Program Chair

New Clinical Forum

HFMA Florida Chapter



 The Florida Chapter of HFMA has recently established a Clinical Forum.  Amy Berk, MSN, RN will be chairing this Forum and David Raymond, MPH will be co-chairing.  We would like to invite you to join the Clinical Forum.

Our Mission Statement:
Provide a forum to analyze and discuss relevant topics that can positively impact clinical and financial outcomes for its members.

Issues of Interest:

  • Alternative Payment Models
    • Medicare Advantage / Hierarchical Condition Categories / Risk Adjustment
    • Bundled Payments
    • ACOs
    • Capitation
    • Etc (MIPS/MACRA, Medicare Shared Savings, CPC)
  • Case Management / UR / OBS / Denials
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement
  • Health System / Payer Alignment
  • Palliative, Hospice and End-of-Life Care
  • Physician / Health System Alignment
  • Population Health Management
  • Quality Measures Linked to Payment
    • Readmissions
    • HAC / HAI Scores
    • Value Based Purchasing
    • Medicare Spend Per Beneficiary
    • Clinical Efficiency, Effectiveness and Outcomes 

 Who Should Join?

  • Both HFMA members and non-members are welcome

  • Clinical Staff with responsibilities and / or interest for above areas

  • Financial Staff influenced by above areas

  • Hospital, Health System, Medical Staff / Physician Practice Representatives

    Clinical Forum’s Objectives:

  • Bi-weekly meetings to discuss above issue areas

  • Expert Panel webinar broadcasts

  • Planning / presenting topics for FL HFMA Conferences

To join the Clinical Forum:

  • Email our membership coordinator: Amy Berk

  • Once on our membership list, you will be notified of our bi-weekly conference calls, every other Friday

  • Face-to-face meeting at the HFMA Spring Conference in St. Petersburg on May 22-24.

Please Share this Invitation with other members of your organization who may be interested in joining.

We look forward to your participation!

Kind Regards,
Amy D. Berk, MSN, RN
David C. Raymond, MPH

Region V Update

Renee’s Region 5 Update

We are winding down business for the 2016-2017 chapter year and preparing for the upcoming year.   The chapters have achieved many significant accomplishments including meeting their required CBSC metrics as well as rising up to the challenge of innovation.  Each chapter took advantage of the Innovation Funding offered by HFMA to venture down new paths in providing education and networking to physicians, payers, early careerist and women in leadership.  Theses events were successful undertakings in introducing all that HFMA has to offer to these market segments that will eventually be an integrated part of HFMA.  The HFMA funding for innovation is available again in 2017-2018, and I will challenge each chapter to continue their efforts.

Throughout the year each chapter exceeded their CBSC education goals by holding many successful educational events, and as a Region we once again enjoyed an outstanding annual institute hosted by the Georgia chapter is Savahanna.  Our annual Regional 5 Dixie Institute has continued to thrive with exceptional education, networking, and sponsorship.  I’m proud that Georgia was able to offer over 30 scholarships to providers to attend the conference thanks to our many gracious sponsors.   I look forward to next years meeting hosted by the Florida chapter in Tampa, FL.   

Many of the chapter leaders recently attended HFMA’s Leadership Training Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.  The 2 ½ day event provides a wealth of information for chapter leaders to equip them with the information and tools necessary for a successful chapter year thereby providing excellent benefits to its membership.  

We held our first 2017-2018 Regional planning meeting at LTC.  We created a robust agenda for the year, and I look forward to working with the chapter Presidents and President – Elects.  I also look forward to working with Karen Newton who is the incoming Regional Executive-Elect (RE2) from the Georgia chapter.  Karen and I spent time visiting with each chapter during their chapter planning and networking times as well as attending the Regional Executive Counsel meeting and orientation.     

During our Regional planning meeting we took time to recognize our dear friend, Ray High, who recently passed away.  Ray was a Past President of the South Carolina chapter, and he was the 2016-2017 Regional Executive-Elect.  Ray was more than ready to take on the role of Regional Executive on June 1st, and it saddens me that he will not be here to lead the Region as I know he would have done a tremendous job.  I enjoyed working with Ray over the last year, and I will not forget our time together working for HFMA and the Region.  So it is with a heavy heart that I’ve agreed to stay on as Regional Executive for another year, and in so doing I’ve vowed to keep Ray’s always cheerful memory alive.  Those who knew Ray are familiar with his zest for life.  When asked “How are you?”  He always answered “This is the best day of my entire life”.  Ray was a man who didn’t take life for granted and enjoyed everyday.  His passion for life rippled over to HFMA in every way.  So throughout this year we will keep Ray in our hearts by referencing “This is the best day of my entire life” at every meeting and event we attend. 

With the vacancy left by Ray in the Regional Executive rotation, the chapters looked to South Carolina for candidates to fill the 2017-2018 Regional Executive-Elect-Elect position.  Through the new RE selection process the candidates applied, interviewed and were vetted through the chapter leadership team.  The candidates were presented to the Region 5 Board at LTC for a vote, and I’m very pleased to announce that Jude Crowell will serve as the 2017-2018 Regional Executive-Elect-Elect (RE3).  Jude is a past president of the South Carolina chapter and remains very active in the chapter leadership.  Jude will work closely with Karen and I to complete two years of training before assuming the role of RE in 2019-2020.  I’m excited and honored to work with Karen and Jude this year as they are both wonderful people who share my passion for HFMA. 

HFMA ANI is right around the corner and in my back yard – Orlando, FL.  It is always an exciting time as we kick off the new chapter year, and we celebrate the accomplishments of the past year.   I look forward to cheering on the chapter presidents as they receive awards and recognition for their hard work and dedication.   I thank each of them for working together to keep our Region strong and thus our chapters strong – We are stronger together.  My appreciation and affection to each of you for this last year together – Karen Dillard (AL), Lisa Matthews (FL), Jonathan Skaggs (GA), Estelle Barnes (SC), and Carmen Voelz (TN).

I look forward to seeing many of you at ANI, and throughout the year as I visit the chapters.

Renee Jordan
2016-2017 Regional Executive
207-2018 Regional Executive

Members News: Volunteer Spotlight Mindy Arroyo

 Mindy having fun!!!

Mindy having fun!!!

 Mindy "the Star" enjoying down-time!

Mindy "the Star" enjoying down-time!

 Natalie Billo and Mindy Arroyo - Florida HFMA Chapter Leaders

Natalie Billo and Mindy Arroyo - Florida HFMA Chapter Leaders

Volunteer Spotlight
 By: Craig Fainstein
Area Vice President, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
HFMA Florida Chapter Committee Member

Mindy Arroyo

Manager, Fixed Asset/Lease Management

BayCare Health System

Position within HFMA
Scholarship Committee Chair


What is your current volunteer role within HFMA?
Currently, I am the Chairperson for the Scholarship Committee.  I am also an active member of the North Region Education Committee.

Where did you grow up, and where do you currently live?
I am originally from Vietnam.  I was one of the “Vietnamese Boat People” who escaped communism in 1978 and lived in a refugee camp for approximately a year.  I was able to come to the United States due to the sponsorship of Tressler Lutheran Services.  Since my sister and I were minors at the time, we were placed in the foster family system. I spent most of my teen years with a foster family in Harrisburg, PA.  

Where did you attend college, and what was your area of study?
I attended Bloomsburg University in PA and received my undergraduate degree in Accounting.  I started my accounting career with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC).   I subsequently obtained my Masters in Business Administration from Lebanon Valley College in PA while working full time for Capital Blue Cross.

What did you like most about this area of study?
It offers employment stability.

Tell us about your path to Healthcare Finance, and what you enjoy most about it.
My path to healthcare finance started with my first job with PricewaterhouseCoopers.  Most of my audit clients were healthcare providers. I continued to work on healthcare audits during my tenure at Capital Blue Cross.  I spent a few years working in the finance capacity at Chapters Health System before I came to BayCare Health System.

I really enjoy my career in healthcare finance because it is complex and challenging. 

How did you become involved with HFMA?
My Director understood the importance of HFMA’s education/networking opportunities.  I was encouraged to become a member within a few months after I started at BayCare Health System.

What do you most enjoy about, and how have you benefited professionally from HFMA?
HFMA has afforded me the opportunity to meet and connect with many individuals who either work, or provide services to healthcare providers.  These connections have helped me grow personally and professionally. 

IT Forum Update

IT Forum Update


The South Florida HFMA IT Forum has been focused on highlighting the value of technology for healthcare providers, through educational resources and speaking opportunities at upcoming HFMA events. Specific objectives for the IT forum have included:

·         Educating HFMA members on how technology is enabling healthcare providers and payers to transform to a fee-for-value environment

·         Highlighting the intersection of technology and healthcare finance that showcases the ways in which the CFO suite can use technology to reduce risk, increase clinical quality, and maintain/improve profit margins

·         Discuss the cybersecurity impacts and implications across the healthcare system that are impacting HFMA members

Currently, the HFMA IT Forum is planning an event for the Florida HFMA Spring Conference in April. The main topic/theme is going to be "Healthcare Facility Security" that touches not only on cybersecurity vulnerabilities, but facility management when it comes to vendors, construction workers, credentialing, etc.  The goal is to have a discussion across IT, Supply Chain, Privacy and Compliance to ensure that we are working together and looking at all possible vulnerabilities and each department is in synergy with the next.

We also worked with the HFMA Physician Engagement Committee to prepare a recent MACRA webinar for the Mid-Winter conference, which focused on the MACRA/MIPS program and how that is impacting healthcare providers in the State of Florida. Specific focus was shone on technology and its use in helping providers to promote clinical quality improvements, and better measure and improve clinical quality.



Members News: Volunteer Spotlight Jeff Zade

Volunteer Spotlight

By: Craig Fainstein

Area Vice President, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

HFMA Florida Chapter Committee Member

Name: Jeff Zade

Title: Manager of Cost Accounting and Financial Analytics

Organization: Martin Health System

Position within HFMA: Certification Committee Chair

What is your current volunteer role within HFMA?

I chair the Certification Committee.

Where did you grow up, and where do you currently live?

I grew up in the Detroit area, but I lived and worked most of my adult life in Chicago.

Where did you attend college, and what was your area of study?

I attended Northwestern University (near Chicago) after high school and studied economics, but I completed my degree at Walsh College (Michigan) with a B.S in Accounting.

What did you like most about this area of study?

In school I always tended to the Managerial Accounting and Finance related applications of the Accounting field. I didn’t seek out the CPA track like most of my class mates.

Tell us a about your path to Healthcare Finance, and what you enjoy most about it.

I worked in the banking world for years after college and then transitioned to finance positions in the non-profit world. This experience led me to my first healthcare position at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in downtown Chicago. I love working in healthcare as it’s very challenging (not boring) from a finance perspective, and you get to feel good about the fact that you’re helping people, not just trying to sell them something.

How did you become involved with HFMA?

I have known about HFMA for many years but really just became active since my move to Florida in 2011. My boss and several other leaders at Martin are very active with the Florida chapter, and they encourage membership.

What do you most enjoy, and how have you benefited professionally from HFMA?

I enjoy the camaraderie of belonging to Florida HFMA, but it’s the education that I benefit from the most. Healthcare is complex and always changing, so HFMA can be a great aid in staying sharp. 

What are the greatest strengths of the organization you work for, Martin Health System?

The strongest aspect of MHS is the people. My colleagues’ expertise and friendliness are second to none.

What are some of the challenges that you have had to navigate in your leadership role?

The biggest challenge I’ve had to face is trying to accomplish all my responsibilities with limited staff. Healthcare today is extremely data driven, and it takes knowledgeable people to work with data to create actionable results. I’ve spread myself pretty thin at times trying to keep up with decision support requests.

How has healthcare reform shaped or affected operations and finance at Martin Health System?

I think healthcare reform has, and continues to, increase the role of data analytics. Data is especially important with regards to the transition to value over volume. Unfortunately, I don’t think the architects of healthcare reform consider the increased cost of educated staff and new technologies this in their ‘savings’ calculations.

How do you envision Martin Health System, and/or the Healthcare Industry will look in ten years?

I see the progression to quality/value continuing and for the most part I think it will really benefit patients. In the finance world we are going to have to stay informed and proactive, but ultimately I think we will be delivering better quality, less costly care in ten years.

Director of Education Payer Summit Summary

The HFMA Florida Chapter’s Annual Mid-Winter Payor/Provider Conference was held at the Renaissance at Sea World, Orlando, FL January 25 – 27, 2017, kicking off with a Mini-Leadership Training Conference to educate new volunteers about the many benefits of joining HFMA and how to get involved with our chapter. This was brought to us by our President Elect, Mike Bickers.

In her opening address, Lisa Mathews, HFMA Florida Chapter President presented Bob Lovell with the HFMA Chapter Life Member award.

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  Bob Lovell and Lisa Mathews

Bob Lovell and Lisa Mathews

The keynote session was presented by the CEO of Orlando Health, David Strong, and CFO of Orlando Health, Bernadette Spong.   In this moving educational session, they recounted their experiences and lessons learned from the June 12, 2016, Pulse Night Club shooting. Their focus was the importance of continuous training and mandating simulated drills for unexpected tragedy situations.

   Bernadette Spong, CFO, Orlando Health & David Strong, CEO, Orlando Health

Bernadette Spong, CFO, Orlando Health & David Strong, CEO, Orlando Health

During the conference other valuable educational sessions took place including MACRA, MIPS & APM’s; denials management, updates and future expectations from payors such as Atena, Blue Cross, CIGNA, and United Health individually and as a panel discussions.

We rocked the night away with dinner, dancing, and games during our Throwback Thursday networking event. Attendees dressed as they did in high school along with playing games from that era.

A special thanks to all the volunteers of the curriculum committee and our corporate sponsors for making it all happen!