DIXIE Donates to REBOOT!

The Florida Dixie Service Committee is pleased to report that, with your help and support, our efforts to gather donations to fund REBOOT Recovery have been successful.

Your donations provided a variety of high quality items for the silent auction at the Dixie institute.  The Service Committee at the Dixie Institute thanks all those who participated.

On behalf of the Florida Chapter, we would like to thank all of you who donated to the silent auction at the Dixie Institute in Nashville, TN.

To recap, the Service Committee for Region 5 was able to raise $7,568 in total retail value for items to auction for REBOOT, and the FL chapter was responsible for over $3,287 of the total. We deeply appreciate the support and know that REBOOT is excited about the results.

The total amount raised by Region 5 was $6,500. We especially want to thank the attendees of the Dixie Institute for bidding on these wonderful and high quality items. Not only did they bid, but they did so in amounts well exceeding the retail value.

These funds are going directly to REBOOT for their use in helping our troops transition successfully into civilian life.

We want to specifically send a big message of gratitude to our corporate sponsors that donated items to help make this effort of funding REBOOT a success:

     Besler Consulting

     Advanced Patient Advocacy

     Jim Grigsby Consulting


     Capio Partners

     United Collection Bureau, Inc.

     MDS and RevSpring


Thank you to our Florida Corporate Partners and all our members who worked to make this fundraising project a huge success. If you have any questions or need any additional information about this program, please contact:

     Dwight Tillman at 954.224.0204 or dwightt@bacenjordan.com

     Brad Haynes at 561.414.9109 or brad.haynes@capiopartners.com

 For more information about REBOOT Combat Recovery please take a minute to click on the following links:


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