Florida Chapter Members,

My year as President is flying by faster than anyone could imagine.   Thanks to the work of many volunteers we accomplished most of the goals set by National, submitted several Yerger Awards for special projects accomplished during the year, and should receive an overall score well above average for our efforts.            

As President, you get a unique insight into how and why the Chapter runs well, and sometimes not so well.  It’s not a lot different than what happens in our professional paying jobs.  For me, it's a good deal about the planning, but a lot more about the people!!!

This year two of the Directors stood out and found the secret to success in running their part of this volunteer organization.   Both Abby Birch, Regional Director - Central and Dan Phippen, Director of Membership created their plans, developed their teams and led by encouraging the teams to act.  Each in their own way, found the solution to running awesome education events and attracting new and renewing members.

It happened when they saw themselves as leaders and not a one-man-show.

Abby developed not one, but three teams to cover the Central Region from Tampa, Orlando and Space Coast.  Dan did it by creating a network of membership volunteers across the state with a host of subcommittees.  In both cases they developed structures with a purpose and direction. Several of the teams had as many as ten or more member volunteers, which did two things.  First, it simply spread the work, but second (and more importantly), it got more volunteer members involved to feel like a part of the organization and that they could FINALLY DO SOMETHING that matters!

My point is that many of us are experts at what we do, both for the Chapter and in jobs at work, but what I found out this year as President of this wonderful Chapter, is the importance of forming a Team.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve,

Chris Durkin,

President, HFMA Florida Chapter