Members News: Volunteer Spotlight Mindy Arroyo

 Mindy having fun!!!

Mindy having fun!!!

 Mindy "the Star" enjoying down-time!

Mindy "the Star" enjoying down-time!

 Natalie Billo and Mindy Arroyo - Florida HFMA Chapter Leaders

Natalie Billo and Mindy Arroyo - Florida HFMA Chapter Leaders

Volunteer Spotlight
 By: Craig Fainstein
Area Vice President, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
HFMA Florida Chapter Committee Member

Mindy Arroyo

Manager, Fixed Asset/Lease Management

BayCare Health System

Position within HFMA
Scholarship Committee Chair


What is your current volunteer role within HFMA?
Currently, I am the Chairperson for the Scholarship Committee.  I am also an active member of the North Region Education Committee.

Where did you grow up, and where do you currently live?
I am originally from Vietnam.  I was one of the “Vietnamese Boat People” who escaped communism in 1978 and lived in a refugee camp for approximately a year.  I was able to come to the United States due to the sponsorship of Tressler Lutheran Services.  Since my sister and I were minors at the time, we were placed in the foster family system. I spent most of my teen years with a foster family in Harrisburg, PA.  

Where did you attend college, and what was your area of study?
I attended Bloomsburg University in PA and received my undergraduate degree in Accounting.  I started my accounting career with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC).   I subsequently obtained my Masters in Business Administration from Lebanon Valley College in PA while working full time for Capital Blue Cross.

What did you like most about this area of study?
It offers employment stability.

Tell us about your path to Healthcare Finance, and what you enjoy most about it.
My path to healthcare finance started with my first job with PricewaterhouseCoopers.  Most of my audit clients were healthcare providers. I continued to work on healthcare audits during my tenure at Capital Blue Cross.  I spent a few years working in the finance capacity at Chapters Health System before I came to BayCare Health System.

I really enjoy my career in healthcare finance because it is complex and challenging. 

How did you become involved with HFMA?
My Director understood the importance of HFMA’s education/networking opportunities.  I was encouraged to become a member within a few months after I started at BayCare Health System.

What do you most enjoy about, and how have you benefited professionally from HFMA?
HFMA has afforded me the opportunity to meet and connect with many individuals who either work, or provide services to healthcare providers.  These connections have helped me grow personally and professionally.