President's Message

Good to Great!

As the 2016-2017 Chapter Year is coming to a close I am reflecting back on all of the wonderful accomplishments of our Chapter. I am truly proud to be a member of the greatest Chapter in the Country. The volunteer spirit of our Chapter has never been greater! I always say we “pay” to be a member of HFMA but we “choose” to be a volunteer and devote time and energy to making a difference. I could literally list dozens of people who have done just that this year. To me, it is a testament of how our Chapter has always valued the ideas and contributions of everyone and recognizes that we are truly “better together!”

I just recently returned from this year’s National Leadership Training Conference in Phoenix. It was so rewarding to be among hundreds of HFMA leaders from across the Country. I was especially proud to see several of our own Florida Chapter Leaders participate in the sessions and share best practices from our Chapter with other leaders. These best practices wouldn’t be possible without the efforts and contributions of the many volunteers our Chapter is blessed to have. Other Chapters learned how we have increased participation at our events, innovated our administrative platforms, rolled out a conference app, launched the Provider “10 pack” program, implemented a Member and Business Partner Understanding program, and advanced the National Vision for attracting more physicians, health plans, and Early Careerists to our HFMA Florida family. It is wonderful to know that some of our best practices have inspired others.

What is even more exciting is that I know there is still more innovation to come and our Chapter exemplifies the “Good to Great” philosophy of always striving to be better. I can’t wait to see what best practices will continue in the months ahead.

Again, I want to thank every member for their contribution to our Chapter and their commitment to continuously learning! I hope you to see many of you in person at our Spring Conference and Annual Meeting in May!